A Meeting Held at Yandu College to Exchange Visiting Experience Inside and Outside China2016-05-24

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A meeting was held at CNU on May 19 to exchange visiting experience inside and outside China. The meeting has been proposed and started by President Gong Huili. Briefing was made about visiting experience inside and outside China concerning Yandu College. Eight student reps talked about their related experience.


Deputy Executive Dean Wang Desheng of Yandu College pointed out that efforts should be made to accumulate visiting experience and copy ways of advanced management to facilitated the training of talents through high-quality visiting experience inside and outside China. It is expected that students should actively search for quality educational resources in China and abroad and open up individualized pates for self-growth by taking advantage of visiting opportunities inside and outside China.


Yandu College targets at training quality academic reserve forces and it is oriented towards facilitating students’ further studies and academic exchange at home and abroad. This is of great significance in regards to the goal of the cultivation of talents for the college. At present, with the help of “Exchange Training Programs” of Beijing, the back-up of special funds and the co-operation with New Channel International Education Group, 55 students from Yandu College have experienced visiting studies in China and overseas with as many as 61 individual domestic and international study-related visits. There is a 100% coverage of internal and external exchange for students from Class of 2014. In addition, inside-and-outside-China exchange programs has been activated for the Class of 2015. Now, and initial exchange pattern has already taken its shape at the College with a majority of students’ learning by ways of short-term travels which have been supplemented with summer vacation learning tours.