CNU Enacting Regional Coordinated Development in Initiating Capital City Pre-school Education: A Start-up Event to Activate Studios for Training Famous Teachers at Kindergartens in Beijing2016-05-24

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On May 17, CNU enacted its regional coordinated development in initiating the capital city pre-school education by triggering a start-up event to activate studios for training famous teachers across kindergartens in Beijing. Deputy Director Li Yi of the Municipal Education Commission, Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E, the Vice Presidents of CNU, Meng Fanhua and Qiu Yunhua were present at the event. Approximately 160 people also attended the event such as leaders from regional education commissions, deputy deans from teachers’ training colleges of different districts, directors of pre-school teachers’ offices, on-the-job special grade teachers from kindergartens, reps from model kindergartens, reps from private kindergartens, and reps from pre-school education institutions both in China and overseas.  


Li Yi stated that priority must be given to improve the quality of pre-school education during the 13th 5-year-plan and 3-year Action Plan for the 2nd pre-school education in Beijing with an emphasis to stimulate pre-school teachers for innovation with incentives. Such series of measures as co-operation modes between CNU and various regions, studios for famous teacher and practical tutorial systems have injected new vitality into the system in training talents for pre-school education, training a contingent of qualified teachers and improving quality of education. He hopes that this event will serve as a good start point which can be turned into a source of power for the development of pre-school education.


Decisions were announced at the event such as “the One to Follow the System of Specially-Appointing Practical Tutors for CNU’s Preschool Education” and “To Set Up Studios for Famous Teachers at the Kindergarten”. The Participating administrators gave letters of invitation to practical tutors and awarded the sign of “Studios for Famous Teachers”.


Professor Zhu Xudong from the Department of Education Science of Beijing Normal University delivered an academic report entitled “Professional Development for Teachers of Children and Quality of Pre-school Education”.


The event was reported by CCTV News Channel.