CNU Initiates a Joint Effort in Education with Pingshan County and Fuping County in Hebei Province2016-05-19

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The initiative ceremony of a graduate education internship base was held on May 16 by CNU, Xibaipo Administrative Bureau, and the Government of Pingshan County. Both parties signed a regional education co-operation agreement between CNU and the county Government. The unveiling event of using Xibaipo Middle School and Guyue Middle School as bases was jump started by the Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E, Deputy Secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Commission (temporary), Deputy Secretary of Hebei Provincial Education Commission, and the Deputy Director of Hebei Provincial Education Department, Han Junlan, and the Deputy Mayor of Shijiazhuang. This event was marked the kick-off of educational co-operation between our university and Pingshan County.


On May 23, the CNU Party Secretary Zheng and her entourage went on a field trip to Fuping County of Hebei where they participated in the Youth League events held by the University Band and Malan Elementary School, Malan Village, Fuping County. Through their visits, they got to know the teaching and daily routine of the graduate students from CNU at Chengxiang Middle School of Fuping County where the students have been working as volunteer teachers. Also, the Party Secretary and her crew had talks with local officals on educational co-operation. The visit was escorted by leaders from relevant organizations like Party Secretary of Fuping County, Hao Guochi, County Magistrate, Liu Jing and Deputy Party Secretary of Fuping County, Zhang Hua.


Zheng E mentioned twice in her speech that the co-operation of education between CNU and Pingshan County and Fuping County of Hebei Province was a regional co-operation, solid in its foundation, worthwhile in its research, effective, expectant, responsible, and confident. It is of great importance in the nation’s strategic of coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.


She said that CNU would further regional educational co-operation with the two counties, step up efforts to send professional counterparts to work as volunteer teachers and teachers and students of all disciplines to the bases for joint training purposes. By taking advantages of upside characteristics of resources of teachers and education, CNU would, in the two counties, train teachers, build schools with artistic characteristics and start-up role mode bases of internship for graduate students at national standards. Efforts would not be spared to bring up good teachers and good administrators for schools in an attempt to well serve the course of education in the old regions of revolution.