Face to Face, President Gong Huili Holds a Talk with His Assistants2016-05-10

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On May 5, the event “President had a Face to Face Talk with his Assistants” was held. Present at the event were President Gong Huili, Director of the Administration Office, Sun Jian, Deputy Director Liu Jia from the Standing Commission of the Training Center for Teachers in Colleges and Universities in Beijing, and 11 president assistants.


Sun Jian took the opportunity to thank, on behalf of the Administrative Office, Liu Jia for what he had done to start and push programs for assistants to President and he also wished that the assistant team could achieve more in providing service for teachers and students and devoting more to the cultural cultivation of the campus.


On the occasion, President Gong Huili handed Liu Jia the Letter of Invitation as “the Honorary Counselor of Assistant to the President”. Liu Jia expressed his wish to exert himself to serve the students and help the school in its development.


Short after, the fifth term of assistants to President began to report to President Gong Huili, about the following aspects like Wechat Learning Group, On-line Reading Referrals, Platforms for Reading Day, Capital Book Market, English Corner Events, Plans of Signing Up for Studying Overseas, Theater for Student Activities, Dorm Space Utilization, and Canteen Cultural Festivals.


President Gong Huili appreciated the efforts made by his assistants and made the following four requirements of all students through his assistant team: firstly, to make good use of new media by sharing course issues and learning cases through the integration of the new media into teaching and learning functions; secondly, to be actively engaged in physical exercise to be healthy so as to enable the students to be full of “vim and vigor”, typical of students of the CNU; thirdly, to improve their language abilities in expressing themselves in clean, tidy and logical languages in Chinese and English, written and spoken; fourthly and lastly, to participate in in-and-after school activities to improve their own qualities.