Major Research Achievement Published by One of Innovation Teams from Ministry of Education—“Insect Evolution and Environmental Change” by College of Life Science2016-05-11

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On May 5, College of Life Science , Changjiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team on “Insect Evolution and Environmental Change” published its most updated research achievement on Current Biology — A Carboniferous Mite on an Insect Revealsthe Antiquity of an Inconspicuous Interaction”. The paper was completed by scientists from 6 organizations—Professor Ren Dong and his graduate students Cui Yingying and Li Yingnan in co-operation with French National Nature and History Museum (Museum national d'Histoire naturelle) and University of Paris (Université de Paris). Ren Dong is the corresponding author. Over the last five years, Current Biology has had an average impact factor of 10.06.