Interviewed at Readers’ Forum, President Gong Huili Calls on Readers to Re-read General Education in a Free Society—Report of Harvard Committee2016-05-06

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On May 3, the 11th Readers’ Forum for “Readers’ Service Month” was held at the university library. President Gong Huili delivered his first report on the theme of “Re-read General Education in a Free Society — Report of Harvard Committee ”. Over 150 teachers and students attended the event.


The President addressed the basics and development of general education against a background of current Internet and globalization, in an attempt to promote a deep understanding of “general education of Harvard” from core courses to new programs. According to President Gong, education is not only intended to teach students the know-hows, but also the way they treat others and prepare them for future uncertainties. Modern tertiary education is intended not only for professional education by teaching knowledge, techniques and capabilities, but for general education through raising people’s comprehensive qualities in an attempt to integrate general education into professional knowledge.