Delegates from University of Seoul Visits CNU2016-07-08

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On July 7, headed by President Yun-hi Won, delegates from University of Seoul visited CNU. Present at the event were President Gong Huili and administrators from College of International Cultures. Both parties signed agreements on cross-university exchange and students exchange programs.


The University of Seoul boasts its peculiarities in such research domains as urban environment planning and disaster control. It is able to enact partnership co-operation and student exchange programs with College of Environment Resource and Tourism and College of History of CNU. Its College of International Education is able to look up with College of International Cultures of CNU and its other programs such as Music, Design and Fine Arts can co-operate with counterpart institutions like College of Music and College of Fine Arts of CNU.


Both parties intend to kick off student exchange programs and step up teachers’ cooperation and research in the Spring Term of 2017.