CNU Sponsoring the 5th Calligraphy Contest for University Students in Beijing2016-07-06

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CNU has recently sponsored the 5th Calligraphy Contest for University Students in Beijing. The finals were attended by over 300 participants from 29 universities like contestants, team leaders, coaches, and spectators.


The contest fell into 3 phases, the preliminary, semi-finals, and finals. The preliminary rounds were organized by universities themselves. The semi-finals were entered by 29 universities after they had signed up for the contest and 343 excellent pieces had been entered. After careful scrutiny, 82 contestants were qualified for the finals, which were branched into finals for calligraphy of selective dissemination and those for calligraphy of selected topics. The divisions also included brief descriptions and comments. As a result, the contest brought forth 3 outstanding-prizes winners, 10 first-prize winners, 25 second-prize winners and 40 3rd-prize winners. All the members on the Review Panle handed out awards to the winners.