Institute of Cultural Studies holds the review of the intermediate phase of the project, “Regulations on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beijing”2016-06-21

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On June 15, the Institute of Cultural Studies held a review of the intermediate phase of the project on ‘ Regulations on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beijing’ . The President of CNU, Gong Huili addressed and met the experts who were present. The attendees included the Director of the Office of Culture under Education, Science and Public Health Committee of National People’s Congress, Zhu Bing, the Deputy Director of the Department of Law and Regulations under the Ministry of Culture, Wang Jianhua, the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and experts from the Renmin University of China, the Minzu University of China, the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts and other universities and institutes.


Gong Huili said in the meeting that, the responsibility of the Institute of Cultural Studies was to serve the cultural development of Beijing and it was a great honor that the Institute could be a part of making the Regulation. The CNU appreciated the fact that the Beijing Municipal Government could trust the university and that the CNU would make every effort to achieve the goal.


In the meeting, experts reported the feasibility of the project and the emendation of legislative research and mentioned possible legislative innovations in the drafting stage. The assessment experts acknowledged the preliminary work of the two reports on examples, argument and the design of the system and brought in some suggestions of possible emendation.


The Deputy Director, Pang Wei summed it all up and put forth some requirements for the next stage of work.