Marxist Geographer David Harvey Speaks at CNU2016-06-20

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On June 16, David Harvey, the world famous Marxist geographer visited CNU and was appointed as an Honorary Professor of CNU. The President Gong Huili was present. He issued the letter of appointment to Mr.Harvey and delivered a speech. In his speech, he acknowledged the Mr.Harvey’s achievements in Geography and Human Civilization. Attendees included experts from the Peking University and Beijing Normal University and hundreds of teachers and students of CNU and other universities.


The title of Mr. Harvey’s speech was “Space and Time of Capital”. His speech made a critical analysis to the movement of capital. He believed that the movement had four stages: production, realization, assignment and value addition. The movement of capital was pushed by the acceleration of the society under great pressure. The movement was a spirally rising one which would find a new space to re-accumulate when restricted by space. Besides, he thought that the nature of capital was an unrestricted accumulation, and whether a city was habitable or not was random. In the question answer session, he answered questions about commodity fetishism and sharing economy.


David Harvey is a professor of the Graduate School of the City University of New York. He is a famous and influential scholar of contemporary Social Science. He is known for Geography, Social Science, Anthropology and Political Economy. He has authored many books such as ‘Explanation in Geography’. In his books, he has conducted philosophic and ethical thinking about the modern development of the urbanization of capital, post modernity, and neoliberalism. He was awarded many prizes including the Outstanding Contribution Award from the Association of American Geographers.