Entrepreneurial Publicity Meeting Held at CNU2016-06-06

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On May 26, the CNU held the entrepreneurial publicity meeting. The attendees included the Party Secretary of the CNU, Zheng E, the Vice President, Meng Fanhua and the Deputy Director of Zhongguancun Talent Market, Liu Yu. Also present were, outstanding alumni- the President of the Yunnan International Trust, Liu Gang, the founder of Yide Marketing, Jiang Chuan, and the founder of Cat’s Eye, Qu Bin. The Vice President, Meng Fanhua hosted the meeting.


They discussed issues of the model setting-up of an “entrepreneurship lab”, the establishment of the team for education for entrepreneurship, education for entrepreneurship, project training, initiating an enterprise and its  publicity. Liu Gang and Liu Yu shared stories of their business startups.


Zheng E summed up and acknowledged the accomplishment of entrepreneurial works. She also pointed out that entrepreneurial education was a crucial part of talent training; the model of   an “entrepreneurship lab” could ensure efficient entrepreneurial ventures. She encouraged the students to be explorers and innovate, to be doers and shoulder responsibilities, and to be leaders and start a business in this “era of makers”.


Zheng E issued appointment letters to Li Shimeng from the teachers’ committee and 11 other professional teachers in entrepreneurial works and other 9 entrepreneurial tutors, including Liu Yu, for students.