Deputy Secretary of Ningxia Teaching Committee Visits the Textbook Museum (under construction)2016-05-16

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On May 9, accompanied by the Party Secretary of the CNU, Zheng E, the Deputy Secretary of Ningxia Teaching Committee, Li Qiuling, led a team to visit the Textbook Museum (under construction) of the College of Education. Li Qiuling and Zheng E exchanged ideas about the historical effects and significance of Chinese modern textbooks. Li Qiuling also brought out some expectations from the fields of talent training and discipline development.


Currently, the Museum houses over 20,000 textbooks of primary and secondary schools since the late Qing Dynasty. The time span is across 3 centuries. The oldest textbooks are those of westernization of schools and church schools in the middle of the 19th century. And the latest ones are those of the 21st century. Those textbooks have covered all disciplines and some of them are valuable for their high level research and collectability. The collection of the museum includes the earliest textbooks edited by the new schools, the first complete textbooks edited after the new school system of the late Qing Dynasty, the systematic textbooks for girls, rural textbooks, textbooks of Manchukuo, textbooks of revolutionary base areas and many other textbook series.