CNU Conducts Internet+ Education Beijing Forum and Seminar on Hybrid Teaching Model of Primary School Mathematics2016-05-16

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Recently, the Technological Application and Innovation Center of Mathematics Education under the Ministry of Education (the ‘Center’) has conducted the Internet+ Education Beijing Forum and the Seminar on Hybrid Teaching Model of Primary School Mathematics. The attendees included education experts, officials from teaching institutions of various districts and counties, principals of various primary schools, teachers in charge of teaching mathematics and various media representatives. The main point of the forum was supporting the hybrid teaching model of primary school mathematics which relies on the Limi Specialized Learning Platform developed by the Center. Relying on the powerful Big Data, the platform has built up a hybrid teaching model targeting class teaching and evaluation and after-school assistance in primary schools.


The seminar talked about the hybrid teaching model. This model has presented a new thought for solving issues such as evaluation in the learning process, tutoring on errors and self-learning.