CNU Conducts Seminar on Development of Collaborative Innovation Base of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences in Beijing2016-04-22

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Recently, the CNU conducted a Seminar on the Development of the Collaborative Innovation Base of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences in Beijing. The Party Secretary of the Beijing Federation of Social Science Circles, Han Kai, the Vice Chairman of the Federation, Li Cuiling, the Vice Chairman of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Tian Wen, the Party Secretary of the CNU, Zheng E, the Vice President of CNU, Zhou Jianshe, and Distinguished Professor and Academician Li Deyi attended the seminar.


Firstly, Zhou Jianshe spoke about the preparation of the collaborative innovation base, which was supposed to be established at the CNU Beijing Research Institute of Language Intelligence. Later, he announced about the application of setting up the base.


Zheng E addressed the audience on behalf of the CNU. She pointed that the establishment of the base was very significant . It would play a vital role in strengthening the CNU’s innovative ability, improving the integration of various disciplines, education of high-end talents and demonstrating the CNU’s uniqueness. She asserted that the CNU would put in all efforts to support the base.


The attendees spoke highly of the research achievement of the institute and acknowledged the proposal of the CNU to set up the base with its advantage of combining both Art and Science and maintaining the main goal of developing education. They would also support the establishment of the collaborative innovation base.