Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Fumio Kishida Visits CNU2016-05-03

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From April 29 to May 1, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Fumio Kishida visited China under the invitation from Wang Yi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China. On April 29th , in the afternoon, the first stop was CNU. The convoy of visitors , included the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kihara Makotoji, the Ambassador of Embassy of Japan in China, Itou Yasuhito, and others. The President of CNU, Gong Huili, the President of the Hiroshima University, Mitsuo Ochi, the Vice President of the Hiroshima University, Yasutoshi Teramoto, the Party Branch Secretary of the School of International Culture, Han Mei, the Dean of the School, Liu Xiaotian and the Executive Deputy Director of the Hiroshima University Research Center in Beijing, Li Junyang were present too.


Gong Huili talked about the academic development, discipline advantages, international exchanges and exchange programs with Hiroshima University at the CNU. Yasutoshi Teramoto spoke about the globalization of the campus of the Hiroshima University and basic information about the research center. Fumio Kishida stated that Hiroshima was his hometown and so it gave him added joy to have the Hiroshima University cooperate and communicate with CNU, which itself is an excellent Chinese university.


In addition, they visited the research center and had a conversation with the past exchange students from the CNU to Japan and those Japanese students who were the present exchange students at the CNU. Fumio Kishida hoped that both students would strengthen friendly communications and make efforts to maintain the bi-lateral relationship between China and Japan.