CNU Signs Agreement with Education Commission of Fangshan District to Support Fangshan School Affiliated to CNU2016-04-14

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On April 12, the agreement signing ceremony of supporting Fangshan School Affiliated to CNU was held at the office of the Fangshan District Government.


The Vice President of CNU, MengFanhua, and the Director of Education Commission of Fangshan District, Gu Chengqiang signed the cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the former “Liangxiang NO.5 Primary School of Fangshan District” will be renamed as the “Fangshan Primary School Affiliated to the CNU”. It will be a premium primary school and a base for the training for the CNU teachers. Two requirements would be met. First, an expert panel consisting of leaders and teachers would visit Fangshan Middle School and Fangshan Primary School affiliated to the CNU to make development plans, to update education and teaching ideas and to build the schools’ individual images. Secondly, the teaching and scientific research team building would boost academic support and communications and encourage to improve the expertise of officials and teachers, abilities of scientific researches, quality and level of school management and teaching, turning Fangshan Middle Schools and Fangshan Primary Schools affiliated to CNU into top schools in Fangshan District.


Some leaders present at the ceremony included the Director of Beijing Municipal NO.1 Primary Education Division, Zhang Fenghua, Secretary of Fangshan Teaching Committee, the Deputy District Head of Fangshan, Wu Hijie and Tong Shuwei, the Director of Commission of Education, Gu Chengqiang and officials of the CNU School of Preschool Education and the Capital Institute of Basic Education Development and Research.