2014~2015 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and “Role Models for Youth” Report Meeting of Outstanding Students at CNU2016-04-18

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On April 14, CNU held 2014~2015 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony and the “Role Models for Youth” Report Meeting of Outstanding Students. The Party Secretary, Zheng E, the President, Gong Huili and the deputy head of the Beijing Center for Student Assistance Affairs Administration, Wang Ruohong attended the ceremony. Over 300 attendees including officials of the various schools at CNU, consultants and representatives of award winning students were present as well.


At the ceremony, Gong Huili announced the list of awardees of the 2014~2015 Scholarship . 5900 students won scholarships - 338 were National Encouragement Scholarships, 22 National Scholarships, 8 Campbell Scholarships, 20 Shangpu Scholarships, 10 Ye Shengtao Scholarship and 5502 University scholarships. The leaders presented scholarships to the student representatives.


The CNU chose Han Yanbin and other 9 “Role Model of Youth” among those representatives after recommendations, primary selection over schools and departments, online voting and on-site review. They were chosen for practicing socialist core values and being ideal role models. They shared experience on scientific research, start-ups, striving for being qualified Party members and “Four must haves” for teachers and stories when they were in armies.


Zheng E praised the role models and all scholarship winners in her speech. She brought out five requirements—noble goals, strength and persistence, essential skills, daring to innovate and learning to appreciate and contribute to realize the great Chinese dreams with wisdom and power.