Professional Masters Degree Symposium Titled “Optimize Structure, Improve Quality” Held at CNU2016-04-20

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On April 20, CNU held a professional masters degree symposium titled “Optimize Structure, Improve Quality”. The Vice President and the Dean of the postgraduate school, He Yikun attended and addressed the attendees. Chief officials, the deputy dean in charge of postgraduate affairs, official in charge of professional masters degree programs and all the staff of the postgraduate school attended the symposium.


Mr. He Yikun made a keynote speech, “Optimize Structure, Improve Quality” about the comprehensive reforms of CNU’s professional masters degree. The speech had four parts: A brief introduction of the CNU’s postgraduate school, the current situation of postgraduate programs, the current issues and reforms plans, and specific reform measures. Consolidated with data, the speech analyzed the quality of postgraduate students, existing issues and reform plans. And the specific measures mentioned included establishing and improving the management system and mechanism of professional postgraduate degrees, adjusting and optimizing the discipline design of postgraduate programs and creating an admission and allocation plan to adapt to the structure of discipline. Besides, the pilot reforms plan of the Masters Degree of Education was brought out—having a centralized management, strengthening academic support, integrating Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, implementing a more flexible learning system, intensifying implementation of regulations and standards, enhancing cooperation and communications and increasing globalization.


Attendees had discussions and exchanged opinions regarding the admission of professional masters degree, the present situation, insufficiency of the professional masters degree education and suggestions on improvement.