Intangible Cultural Heritage—Research Achievement Presentation and Symposium of Old Beijing Dialect at CNU2016-04-20

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On April 17, the CNU Beijing Dialect Research Center and the CNU Institute of Cultural Studies conducted the Intangible Cultural Heritage—Research Achievement Presentation and Symposium of Old Beijing Dialect. About 30 scholars and media guests, including the members of Academic Division of China Academy of Social Sciences, the head of Literature and Philosophy of the Academic Division and the former Deputy Dean, Jiang Lansheng, attended the symposium. The Vice President of CNU, Qiu Yunhua addressed on behalf of CNU. Zhou Jianshe, the Vice President and the head of Beijing Dialect Research Center hosted the symposium.


The main topic of the symposium was the publication of the series of books, Collection and Research of Rare Historical Documents About Old Beijing Dialects of Ming, Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China Era . Editors of the series included Professor Zhou Jianshe and Professor Feng Zheng from CNU, Research Fellow Yu Runqi of  the Chinese Modern Literature Musuem, Professor Zhou Yimin from Beijing Normal University, and the former Director of Yuelu Publishing House, Mr. Xia Jianqin. In the symposium, they spoke about the tough process of collecting, cataloguing, editing and publishing as well as the academic and cultural value of the books. Zhou Jianshe is the chief editor of this thirty one volume series. It is one of the most significant achievements of the key project “Historical Evolution and Current Situation of Beijing Dialect within 300 Years” under the National Social Science Fund, and the key project “History and Current Situation of Beijing Dialect” under Beijing Municipal Social Science Fund. With “Investigating, Categorizing, Inheriting, Studying” as the guiding principle of editing and publishing, the books have three categories of novels, rhymes and folk songs. It will be a first-hand reference to study old Beijing dialect and customs, as well as a cherished intangible cultural heritage. The books are supported by the National Publication Fund and published by the CNU Press.