CNU Holds Meeting on 2015 Admission and Career Service2016-01-14

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On December 31, the CNU held the meeting on 2015 admission and career service. The President Gong Huili, the Deputy Party Secretary, Miao Jinxiang and the Vice President, Meng Fanhua attended the meeting. Miao Jinxiang hosted the meeting.


The person-in-charge stated and analyzed the admission work and related issues around the admission policy and admission publicity of the CNU in 2015. Efforts on business start-ups and employment of the CNU students in 2015 were introduced to all.


The President, Gong Huili addressed the audience. He acknowledged the achievements in admission and career service in the year gone by. He thanked the staff members. He emphasized that as the base of training talents of elementary education for the capital, the CNU should meet the degree requirement of current elementary education system. He encouraged undergraduates to pursue further education to improve core competitiveness. He also mentioned that it was better to build an excellent team of student leaders and first-class student clubs. He said that he expected the students to serve the elementary education system through various channels. He required all colleges and departments to check and reflect on previous works and to do the best on future tasks of admissions and career service.