“Meet with Principal Assistant” Held2015-12-31

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On December 24, the CNU held “Meet with Principal Assistant”. The CNU President, Gong Huili, the Director of Dean’s Office, Liu Jia attended the meeting. Some teachers and members of the 5th Principal Assistant were present too.


During this meeting, Gong Huili awarded letters of appointment to the 11 members of the 5th Principal Assistant. They then, reflected upon enhancing the campus culture with focus on “Application of New Media” and “Cultural Activities at Campus”. They also analyzed and reported about the operation and improvement of Principal’s Mailbox and Secretary’s Mailbox and the survey on public opinion at the campus.


The President Gong Huili acknowledged the assistants’ work. He encouraged the assistants to enrich their experience and understand the society, life and peers while promoting campus cultures and service. He mentioned that they should play a leading role in creating a better environment. He expected the assistants to fully utilize the informative platform and work on issues like foreign language study and reading atmosphere, to put forward constructive suggestions for the CNU’s development and students’ self improvement.