Yuxin School Attached to CNU and Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party (CPWDP) Jointly Train Teachers for Guizhou2016-04-11

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Yuxin School attached to the CNU shoulders the Beijing Municipal task of training teachers for Dafang No.3 Secondary School and Dafang Primary School, both from Bijie of Guizhou Province. On April 7th, the initiation session of “Supporting Education with One Heart”, a teacher training class for Dafang, was held at Yuxin School. Deputy Secretary of CPWDP Beijing Municipal, Liu Ying, Deputy Secretary of CPWDP, Haidian District and the Deputy Dean of School of Information Engineering, Wu Minhua, the Party Secretary of Yuxin School, Zhou Junjie, the Vice President of Yuxin School, Wen Jian and Headmaster of Duijiang Primary School of Dafang, Jiang Jirong attended the session. 12 teachers and some teachers of Yuxin School were present as well. 


In the session, Zhou Junjie and Liu Ying signed a contract regarding training matters.


In his speech, Liu Ying expressed appreciation towards the CNU for the support and assistance and Yuxin School for the preparation and organization of the training program. Liu Ying hoped that through the 1-month training program, the teachers would improve themselves and experience a great training. In the future, the Party would integrate resources from various sectors to conduct intense and multi-formed education support programs.


Zhou Junjie stated that Yuxin would do the best to complete this training program, to help teachers solve their problems and to lead them to commendable success. Zhou also expressed the willingness for future communication and cooperation with CPWDP Beijing Municipal.