Presentation and Assessment of “Database Development of Yin Ruins Oracle Inscription Copies Held2016-03-22

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On March 18, the presentation and assessment of the key project “Database Development of Yin Ruins Oracle Inscription Copies”(15ZDB094) was held at the CNU. This project is led by Professor Huang Tianshu from the College of Literature and supported by the National Social Science Fund. Over 20 scholars, team members and professors, including those from the Chinese Academy of Social Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Foreign Studies University were present.


The presentation demonstrated the background, goals, frameworks, sub-theses, detailed development process, innovations and anticipated achievements of the project. The expert panel reached a consensus that this project had profound contents and was practical, which would promote further development of the study of oracle-bones inscriptions and history. Furthermore, the expert panel also brought out some advice on the project, such as being prudent with the vocabulary used and improving the diversity and convenience of retrieval of the database.