College of Preschool Education Holds Symposium of “Assessment of Preschool Education”2016-03-25

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On March 24th, the symposium titled “Assessment of Preschool Education” was held in the CNU. The symposium was jointly organized by the College of Preschool Education, the Beijing Society of Early Childhood Education and the China Committee of World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP, China). Invited by OMEP China, the President of the US National Association for Education of Young Children and member of National Council for the Accreditation of Education, Dr. Carol Brunson Day, the President of Erikson Institute, and the scholar on assessment of the US development and education of children, Dr. Geoffrey A. Nagle, and the Vice President and Provost of Erikson Institute, Dr. Jie-Qi Chen attended the symposium. Close to 300 educators and scholars within the industry were present, including Professor Feng Xiaoxia from the Beijing Normal University and Professor Zhou Jing from the East China Normal University.


In the symposium, Dr. Carol Brunson Day made an academic report, “To Ensure the Quality of Education for Children”; Dr. Geoffrey A. Nagle gave a keynote speech on “Base of Health, Success and Prosperity: Psychological Health of Infants”. Dr. Jie-Qi Chen delivered a report on the “Assessment in Teaching and for Teaching: Two Assessment Ideologies and Methodologies that Have Influenced the US Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education.”