College of Preschool Education Holds Seminar to Assess National Social Science Fund Project2016-03-30

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On March 22nd, the College of Preschool Education held a seminar to assess the National Social Science Fund pedagogical project (junior group) on “Teacher’s Identification of Educator and Research on Future Occupational Progress” (CIA150200). This project is led by Associate Professor, Kang Xiaowei, from the College of Preschool Education. The Deputy Dean, in charge of scientific research of the College of Preschool Education, Tian Hanzu hosted the seminar. Several scholars from Beijing Normal University, Beijing Institute of Education and other agencies attended.


In the seminar, Mr. Kang Xiaowei presented the thesis, the framework, theoretical views and anticipated achievements of the project. The assessment panel affirmed the thesis as it covered the core issue of the current pedagogical situation. The panel also believed that the methodology was appropriate and the initial preparation was adequate. The panel also suggested that the project identify the object of the research, choose proper views as the theoretical base and set the analysis of difficulties occurring in teacher’s identification as the key point of the research.