CNU Alumnus Liu Yuan Donates His General Uniform2016-03-18

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On March 16th, the CNU alumnus, Liu Yuan, who is also a member and the Deputy Director of Financial and Economic Committee of the National People’s Congress donated his General Uniform to his Alma Mater. The ceremony was held at the CNU History Museum and hosted by the Dean of the School of History, Professor HaoChunwen. Over 50 people were present at the ceremony, including some officers, previous leaders, alumni, undergraduates and graduates of the School of History.


At the ceremony, General Liu said that military uniform represented loyalty, passion, mission and contribution; and donating his favorite uniform was his appreciation towards the CNU which had provided him an opportunity to make his life better. Moreover, he expressed his sincere wishesto the students, encouraging them to study hard and always pursue their dream. Those students who were present were extremely touched by his encouragement and said that they would not let him down.


The CNU President Gong Huili gave General Liu a warm welcome on behalf of the CNU and appreciated his donation. Mr. Gong also added that outstanding alumni, such as General Liu had been always caring about their alma materand willing to make it better. Over the years, they have made great contributions to itsdevelopment and progress.