CNU Students Achieve Excellent Results in the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling2015-12-15

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From September 11 to 14, the 2015 “Higher Education Press Cup” Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling was held. The contest was organized by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. The CNU had five teams with excellent results in the contest. The team led by An Di, Xu Xiaofeng and Liu Yaxuan from the College of Mathematics and Sciences won the national first prize. The team led by Xi HAO, Qin Fengzheng and Zhu Ziheng from the same college won the Beijing Municipal first prize. The other three teams were “Successful Participants”.


In 2015, 1326 universities from 33 Chinese provinces, cities and autonomous regions (including Hong Kong and Macau), Singapore and the US, recommended 28574 teams (25558 university teams and 2016 college teams) consisting of 85000 undergraduates.