Symposium of Developing A Regional Civilization and Cultural Center Held2015-12-16

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On December 11, the Symposium of Developing A Regional Civilization and Cultural Center was held. The symposium was organized by 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of the CNU Capital Cultural Center Development and the Institute of Cultural Studies. The Vice President of the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, the Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People's Congress and the Dean of the Institute of Cultural Studies, Professor Liu Xincheng and the Vice President QiuYunhua attended the symposium.


Professor Liu Xincheng gave the opening speech .He explained the importance and necessity of developing a national cultural center for both Beijing and China under the new situation. He compared and distinguished between the “Nation’s Cultural Center”, the “National Cultural Center” and the “Capital Culture”. The Vice President QiuYunhua made a presentation on “Ideas and Methodology: the statement of ‘National Cultural Center’”. He mentioned that it was necessary to clarify the differences between “Beijing Culture” and “National Cultural Center” in various aspects and to focus on the historical construction of the connotation of “National Cultural Center” and the methodology of the research on “Development of National Cultural Center”.


Scholars that attended discussed topics like the development of the cultural and tourism center of Beijing in old times as Beiping, the transmission power of the  public media in and of Beijing, the urban space of Beijing and the youth’s living status, the 706 Youth Space of Wudaokou and the new model of youth public cultural space, the development of cultural center and abundant urban social life, Malraux, Sutter and Beauvior’s impressions about China and the development of an urban cultural center in Boston.