The Proposal Presentation of The Study On Chinese Marital History of the 20th Century Held2015-12-16

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On December 5, the proposal presentation of the Study on Chinese Marital History of the 20th Century ,one of the 2015 Major Projects of National Social Science Fund (the second round) was held. The President Gong Huili and the Director of Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Wang Xiangwu attended the presentation. Experts from the Beijing Normal University, the Minzu University of China, the Renmin University of China, the China Academy of Social Sciences, and many others were present.


Both Gong Huili and Wang Xiangwu acknowledged the academic value and significance of this project. In addition, Gong Huili appreciated the Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science for the support of the CNU Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines . He also thanked the scholars present for their assistance in the disciplines of Modern and Contemporary History of China at the CNU. He further congratulated Professor Liang Jinghe and his team for their project approval from the National Social Science Fund. He said that the CNU would continue to offer help for the project.


The chief expert, Professor Liang Jinghe, from the College of History, introduced the team members, and made a presentation about the academic value, academic basis, general ideas and framework, possible innovations and goals, specific implementation plans, research views, research maps and some key issues and difficulties.


The scholars who were present acknowledged the academic value of the project and believe that the argument of the thesis was systematic, comprehensive and rigorous, the structure of the content was reasonable and the constitution of the team would be able to accomplish the project. All scholars were impressed by the preparation work of the project and also provided some advice.