CNU Holds the Promotion and Discussion Meeting of Supporting the Establishment of Affiliated Schools of Beijing Universities2015-12-22

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On December 21, the CNU held the promotion and discussion meeting of supporting the establishment of affiliated schools of Beijing universities. The theme of the meeting was “Sharing and Creating Together: 2015 Universities’ Support of the Diverse Establishment of Affiliated Schools”. The Chief of the First Division of Elementary Education of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Zhang Fenghua, the Deputy Dean of the Beijing Institution of Education Sciences, Chu Hongqi and the Vice President, MengFanhua attended the meeting. About 150 attendees, including leaders of education commissions of Haidian, Fengtai, Chaoyang and Changping districts, representatives of 26 universities and 50 secondary and high schools that were involved in the affiliated school project, media representatives and teachers and graduates of the project team of the CNU were present.


Professor Chu Hongqi gave a presentation titled “Students’ core attainments and cultivation—start with educational governance”. The CNU project leader and the Associate Professor from the College of Education, Zhang Shuang delivered a report titled “Embed, Tolerate, Develop—the progress, issues and advice of the establishment of affiliated schools of universities”. Project leaders and headmasters of the North China Electric Power University, Affiliated Middle School of China University of Geosciences, and Affiliated Primary School of Capital University of Economics and Business discussed issues around the diverse project promotion. The Deputy Dean, Wang Haiyan expressed the 2016 work plan of the project team.


The Vice President, MengFanhua participated in the discussion and the Chief, Zhang Fenghua gave a speech to summarize it all.