CNU Holds 2014~2015 Commendation Meeting of 10 Best Counselors and Outstanding Head Teacher2015-11-27

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On November 26, the CNU held the 2014~2015 Commendation Meeting of 10 Best Counselors and Outstanding Head Teacher. The Party Secretary Zheng E, the President Gong Huili, the Deputy Party Secretary Miao Jinxiang and the Vice President MengFanhua attended the meeting. Over 300 attendees including Party secretaries and deputy Party secretaries of various colleges and departments and teachers and students representatives were present at the meeting.


The Vice President MengFanhua announced the decision of Awarding 2014~2015 10 Best Counselors and Outstanding Head Teacher.


Zheng E congratulated those counselors and head teachers. She emphasized that the CNU should insist on the ultimate task of cultivating talents with virtues and the core objective of improving the quality of talent training. This should also further promote the ideological and political education among college students, reinforcing the working mechanism of comprehensive consultation and assisting with student’s personal development. And all of this, based on CNU’s project of enhancing overall quality of normal students and innovation training program of first-class talents with specialty in improving students’ artistic accomplishment and sticking with globalization. Besides, Zheng E listed three requirements. First, grasp the correct political direction with lofty ideas and beliefs. Second, foster education ideologies with sincere love and passion. Lastly, realize the value of life with outstanding ability.