The Closing and Awarding Ceremony of 2015 Capital Student Film Festival Held2015-12-01

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On November 28, the CNU held the closing and awarding ceremony of 2015 Capital Student Film Festival. The Party Secretary Zheng E attended the ceremony and addressed the audience. The Chairman of the Evaluation Committee, the General Manager of China Film CO., LTD., and famous director Jiang Ping congratulated through video.  Famous directors, including You Xiaogang, Chen Shengli, Zhang Jiarui, and Xiao Tongqing, famous screenwriters, including Ran Ping, Wang Hailin, Song Fangjin, Huang Guangsheng, the Executive Associate Dean of the Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, Yin Hong, and the Director of the Office of Quality Control of Beijing Municipal Department of Publicity, HuoZhijing were present.


Zheng E said that micro films have become a vital and popular way for universities to publicize core values and enrich campus cultures. Micro films are essential to encourage college students to have a well-round personal development. She also mentioned that the film festival was a sustainable and influential cultural activity; organizing film festivals among college students and encouraging them to create was a responsibility for universities to conduct cultural innovations and publicities. She added that the CNU would continue to organize college student film festivals and further improve the professionalism and outcome of the festival, making it a cultural brand among national campus cultures and a leader of the development of campus culture and cultivation of college students.


The film festival was open to the tens of national universities that have majors about filming. The festival received 243 original works. After meticulous evaluation, 40 works were selected and 18 films won prizes.