CNU Holds the Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd “Red Candle Scholarship”2015-12-08

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The Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd “Red Candle Scholarship” was held on December 7. The former Vice Chairman of Beijing Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Party Secretary of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Affairs, Chen Dabai, the Deputy Director of the Office of Retired Cadre of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Affairs, Tian Li, the Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E, the President, Gong Huili, the Vice President, Meng Fanhua, and the Director of the School Office and the Secretary of Educational Foundation, Liu Jia attended the ceremony. Scholarship winners, some of the previous winners and leaders of related department of about 40 persons were present. The ceremony was hosted by the President Gong Huili.


The Vice President, Meng Fanhua announced the list of winners of the scholarship. Attending leaders presented certificates and the scholarship to those winners.


Ms. Chen Dabai congratulated the 10 winners and appreciated the attention and support from leaders of CNU, the educational foundation, and various departments and colleges towards the review and assessment of the scholarship. She also said that the Deputy Director, Tian Li had donated 50 thousand and this year’s scholarship would increase by 500 RMB per person.


The Party Secretary Zheng E made a speech. She expressed appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Chen Dabai, who established the scholarship and has always supported the development of the CNU. She also expected winners to be humble and keep on learning, be worthy of the scholarship with excellent academic performance. She encouraged the winners to be optimistic and strong when encountering setbacks and frustrations and be thankful and dedicated for the love and help that was offered.


The “Red Candle Scholarship” was founded by Ms. Chen Dabai with her donation of 300,000 RMB, and another 300,000RMB from CNU educational foundation. The scholarship is for those who are diligent, studious and willing to devote themselves to the course of education.