The 1st “Books and Me” Reading and Speech Contest is Held2015-12-08

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On December 4, the 1st “Books and Me” Reading and Speech Contest was held. It was organized by the Academic Center of the Students Affairs Office and the College of Political Science and Law. The President Gong Huili and the Director of the Department of Publicity of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Affairs Wang Dapin attended the contest. A hundred people including leaders of the Students Affairs Office, the Dean’s Office, the Institution of Youth Education Art Research, the College of Political Science and Law, the College of Mathematical Science, the College of Preschool Education and the Library, and students of various colleges and department were amongst the audience. 


The contest had preliminary rounds, semi-finals and finals. After evaluation and review, 32 candidates competed in the semi-finals and 10 candidates competed in the finals. In the finals, candidates made keynote speeches and extempore speeches. After being evaluated, Zhou Fengxue of the College of Music won the first prize and the title of the “Best Keynote Speech”, and Wang Shujie of the College of Literature won the “Best Extempore Speech”.  


The President Gong Huili shared three requirements of being better readers and presenters. First, paying attention to the language and expressions, especially the logic behind the words. Second, combining the reading with majors and disciplines. Lastly, reading more classics.