CNU Launches “Ling Sheng Outstanding Teacher Training Program”2015-12-08

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On December 7, CNU launched “Ling Sheng Outstanding Teacher Training Program”. Chairman of the Ling Sheng Group and the Chairman of Beijing Ling Sheng Charity Foundation, Yu Lirong attended the ceremony and addressed the audience. The Party Secretary, Zheng E, the President, Gong Huili, the Vice President, Meng Fanhua, and the Director of the School Office and the Secretary of Educational Foundation, Liu Jia were present. The President Gong Huili was the host of the ceremony.


The Vice President Meng Fanhua introduced  the “Ling Sheng Outstanding Teacher Training Program” and the Party Secretary Zheng E said that it was necessary to fully utilize the donation from the Ling Sheng Group and the program should completely play the exemplary and demonstrative role in teacher training, establishing a platform for CNU to cultivate top talents and promoting and improving the quality of the overall training at CNU.