The Famous Historian and Educationist Mr. Qi Shirong Dies at 892015-12-09

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The famous Chinese historian, educationist, the founder and explorer of the discipline of World History in China, the founder of the discipline of History at CNU and the former President of CNU, Mr. Qi Shirong died at the age of 89 at 6:15am on December 3, 2015. On December 9 at 9 am, the memorial service was held by the CNU at the Bamboo Hall of the Babaoshan Funeral Parlour.


Party and state leaders including Li Keqiang and Zhang Gaoli, the Party Secretary and the Minister of the Ministry of Education, Yuan Guiren, the Commissioner of the General Logistics Department of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Liu Yuan, the Deputy Secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the Mayor of Beijing, Wang Anshun, and some scholars including Ouyang Zhongshi and Zhang Chunnian grieved Mr. Qi’s death, expressed condolence to the bereaved family and laid wreaths. Some organizations and departments including the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Affairs also laid wreaths.


The Secretary of the Secretariat of the Headquarters of the General Logistics Department of the PLA, Feng Huochun and the Executive Vice President of Beijing Education Labor Union, QiuAijun visited Mr. Qi’s family and expressed condolence. Mr. Qi’s colleagues, students and other people mourned  his death with telegrams, letters and elegiac couplets. CNU students expressed their grief on Weibo and WeChat. 


The Commissioner Liu Yuan, the Deputy Minister, Liu Limin, the Vice President, Liu Xincheng, the Deputy Mayor, Wang Ning, the Assistant Dean, Wu Yin, the Director of Beijing Municipal Education Committee and the Executive Deputy Secretary of Beijing Education Labor Union, Zhang Xue attended the funeral.


Over 400 persons including the Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E, the President, Gong Huili, teachers and students, scholars, relatives and friends of Mr. Qi Shirong were attended the funeral.