The College of Preschool Education Holds the 2nd Beijing Summit Forum of Preschool Education2015-12-10

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From 4 to 5 December, the 2nd Beijing Summit Forum of Preschool Education organized by the College of Preschool Education was held at CNU. About 80 experts on preschool education from over 20 universities attended the forum. The Vice President Meng Fanhua was present as well.


The theme of the forum was “The Quality and Improvement Strategy of Talent Training on Pre-school Education”. Keynote speeches about “On Chinese 3-Track and Multi-stage Education System” and “The Talent Training on Pre-school Education under the New Teacher Qualification Certificate System” were made. The forum also provided seminars about “The Reform of the Talent Training Model of Pre-school Education” and “The Mental Health and Professional Development of Pre-school Teachers”, discussing issues about current training plans of pre-school talents among different universities, and the goal of these trainings, the design of curriculum, the path of implementation and the system of evaluations.