Seminar on the Cooperation and Development of CNU and Affiliated Primary Schools Held2016-01-12

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On January 8 and 9, the seminar on the cooperation and development of the CNU and affiliated primary schools was held at the CNU. The Vice President of the CNU, Meng Fanhua attended the seminar. Leaders and representative teachers of the College of Pre-school Education, the CNU Affiliated Primary School, Chaoyang Experimental Primary School attached to the CNU, the Yungang Primary School attached to CNU and the Education Commission of the Shunyi District were present at the seminar.


The seminar explained the development orientation of the College of Preschool Education. Headmasters of the three affiliated primary schools spoke at the occasion. And the representative teachers shared their reflections and achievements of research from the aspect of the cooperation between the CNU and the primary schools, the development and design of disciplines and the professional development of teachers.


Meng Fanhua presented a report titled, “The Development of the University-Primary School Community” including cases in practice and international cutting-edge development. It illustrated the essence of education and discussed several issues such as expressing the ideology of “University-Primary School Community”, the harmonious and coexisting outlook on development and the effects of the development pattern on the development and reform of schools.