Leaders of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education Inspect the Southern Campus Project at CNU2015-11-18

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On November 16, the members of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Zhang Yongkai and some other leaders inspected the southern campus project at CNU. The Vice President Li Youzeng accompanied them.


The group inspected the new buildings and the buildings under construction and made an on-site investigation of the older campus. The group also heard the report about the progress of project, the existing problems, the administration of the construction sites, the application of the project at the Tongzhou campus and the urgent issues relating to teachers and students’ accommodations from the aspect of  logistical management.


Zhang Yongkai said that the CNU should further, in accordance with the direction of the city planning and development of Beijing, summarize the current situation and necessities for future development and be clear about the university’s role and function.