The Institute of Cultural Studies Holds Conference and Symposium to Present Major Research Topics2015-11-19

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From November 3 to 9, the Institute of Cultural Studies held conferences and symposiums to present major research topics. Four topics were presented: Government and the Society: the Dual Entities in the Public Cultural Service by Professor Gao Bingzhong from the Peking University; Evaluation of Beijing Culture and Creativity Industry Policy by Professor Qi Shuyu from the Chinese Academy of Governance, Comparative Analysis of Core Elements for Cultural Competitiveness of World Center Cities by Professor Fan Zhou from the Communication University of China; Comparative Research of the Culture and Creativity Industry Model between Beijing and World Center Cities by Professor Li Qingben from the Beijing Language and Culture University. From 2013 to 2014, after the Institute of Cultural Studies invited public bidding and the experts committee voted anonymously, the four topics were selected. The topics are researches on core issues of Beijing cultural development and have achieved scientific results. Leaders of the Beijing Municipal Propaganda Department, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, the Beijing Municipal CPCPP, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Federation of Scientists and the Beijing Committee of China Association of Promoting Democracy attended the conference and had discussions.