CNU Research Center of Children’s Development Founded2015-11-20

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On November 14, the CNU Research Center of Children’s Development (the Center) was founded, subordinate to the College of Education. The Center is an academic research institution organized by the Department of Psychology of the College of Education, the College of Primary Education, the College of Preschool Education and the kindergarten. 28 teachers work at the Center. The Center aims at unifying various discipline groups to provide an extra channel for communications and exchanges among experts and young scholars on children’s development and education research and build a platform for propelling a multi-discipline and cross-field children research, building a high-end research team and improving the research level and increasing the domestic and international influence of the CNU children’s development and research. In addition, the establishment of the Center will attract more public attention to health development and scientific education of children and create an excellent environment for children and teenagers growth in Beijing.


The Center will focus on four tasks. The first is to establish a database of tracking children’s growth. The second is to set up a system for assessing children’s development and monitoring children’s growth environment. The third is to develop an intervention program and a training program for the early stage of children’s development. The last is to establish a domestic and international platform for children research.


The Center is special with regard to two aspects. Firstly, the Center will conduct research on the development of the environment (family, school, community) for children from ages 0 to 12, based on social needs. Secondly, the Center will create a preparatory model for the early stage of developing the children’s learning ability and quality, involving factors like social cultures-brain-behaviors. The model will be validated and some talents for children’s education will be cultivated and trained.


The Center will initiate the transformation of the practical mode of children research from three aspects. Firstly, seminars of “Parents’ Class” series will be held every year- open for families and practicing at-home education. Secondly, the center will improve teachers’ teaching skills in kindergartens and primary schools and attempt to achieve the mutual development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. Lastly, the Center will provide scientific development assessment tools and intervention programs to related institutions for child care and hygiene and special education.