Party Secretary Zheng E Visits Jingjiang College and Talks to Xinjiang Trainees2015-11-20

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On November 17, the Party Secretary, Zheng E visited the Jingjiang College and had a conversation with the trainees from Xinjiang of the Xinjiang Primary and Secondary School’s Core Ethnic Bilingual Teachers Training Class. Zheng E listened to the report of the class and acknowledged the administration and training work of the college. She suggested a few requirements for the next stage of work. Later, she inspected the trainee’s accommodation, reminding trainees about the security at the dormitory and advising them to take care of personal belongings. Zheng E said that the CNU would provide the best service, help trainees with practical problems and she encouraged trainees to take advantage of this training and to participate in various activities enthusiastically. It would be better if trainees could think more, explore more and achieve more. Trainees could report their requirements and reflections to the university through several channels.