Jiang Zhigang Visits CNU2015-11-24

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The member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and the Minister of Organization Department of Beijing Municipal Committee visited and investigated CNU. The Deputy  Minister of Organization Department, Li Shixin, the member of Beijing Municipal Education Committee and the Director of the Cadre Department, Chen Jianghua, the Chief of the Office of Cadre Education and Propaganda under the Organization Department of Beijing Municipal Committee, Leng Qiangtian, the Deputy Chief, Zhao Yue, the Secretary of Party Committee of the CNU, Zheng E, and the President of the CNU, Gong Huili and some other leaders and some chief officers of functional departments of CNU Party Committee accompanied them.


The group reviewed the College of Preschool Education, and the College of Primary Education to evaluate the specialized education of CNU, the team-building of the grass-roots Party organizations and the education of core socialist values. The group also attended the symposium held by the CNU Party Branch and the sharing session held by the “Under the Same Sky” Post-graduate Party Member’s Support Education Project. Lastly, the group viewed the Achievement Exhibition of Propagating and Practicing Core Socialist Values at CNU”, the Project of the “Museum of Textbooks” of the College of Education and the Learning and Cognition Lab of the College of Education.


In the final discussion meeting, the investigation group had a debriefing. The Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E spoke about the development of the team-building of Party Committee at the CNU in the recent years. The President of CNU, Gong Huili reported about the framework of CNU’s 13th“five-year” plan. To analyze the current situation and opportunity, he mentioned the strategic idea of “supporting first-class teacher education and discipline development with first-class disciplines” based on reality. He also introduced the practicing route, the plans, some breakthroughs needed to be accomplished and the strategic goal. And the Dean of the College of History, Professor Hao Chunwen reported the progress of developing first-class disciplines and training first-class talents of the college.


The Minister Jiang Zhigang acknowledged the achievements and the development of the CNU. Moreover, he pointed out that the CNU had made a great contribution to the elementary education in Beijing and the Beijing Municipal Government would continue to support the CNU. Finally, he brought out four requirements for the CNU for future development.