The Yandu College Awarded the 1st Hu Min Scholarship and conducted the Orientation for Class of 20192015-10-28

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On October 25, the Yandu College awarded the 1st Hu Min Scholarship and conducted the Orientation for Class of 2019. The President and the Dean of the Yandu College, Gong Huili, the Vice President, Meng Fanhua, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Kuang Tingyun, the Professor of CNU Yanjing Lecture, and the donor for the scholarship, and the CEO and Chairman of the New Channel International Education Group Limited, Hu Min attended the ceremony. Leaders of the Students’ Affair Office, the Dean’s Office, the Professor Committee of Yandu College, Committee of Talent Cultivation the New Channel International Education Group Limited and all the students of Class of 2018 and 2019 were present at the ceremony.  


President Gong Huili stated that years of cooperation between CNU and the New Channel Education Group had established a win-win situation. The further cooperation and the donation towards outstanding students from the New Channel and the daily English training for students of Yandu College provided by the New Channel was beneficial in building up international education ideas. He highlighted the importance of the scholarship. More CNU students would be able to step onto the international stage and realize their goals. Mr. Gong expressed gratitude towards Hu Min for his passion and contribution to education.


Hu Min recognized the efforts and impact of CNU on teaching reforms and innovation of the talent cultivation model. He also shared his life experiences with the students.


President Gong Huili, Mr. Hu Min and the Vice President Meng Fanhua awarded certificates to the 20 scholarship winners.


Kuang Tingyun spoke about “The Role of Inter-disciplines Played in Researches”, demonstrating the importance of inter-disciplinary work for researches through her life science research.