CNU Holds the Closing Ceremony of the 9th Teaching Research Week and the Teaching Commendation Meeting2015-11-06

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On November 5, the CNU held the closing ceremony of the 9thTeaching Research Week and the Teaching Commendation Meeting. The President Gong Huili and the Vice President Meng Fanhua attended the ceremony. Leaders and teachers from related departments were also present at the meeting.


The Vice President Meng Fanhua announced the list of advanced individuals and groups in teaching. Wang Shuqin, teacher from the College of Politics and Law, and Luo Liming, teacher from the College of Information Engineering were awarded with the 11th Beijing Municipal Higher Education Teaching Award. At the university level, 60 were awarded as Outstanding Lecturers, 18 were winners of the Teaching Skill Competition, 39 were awarded as Outstanding Tutors for Bachelor Degree Thesis (Project) and 28 were awarded as Outstanding Teaching Administrators. The meeting also presented 2 Outstanding Organization Awards for Young Teachers’ Teaching Skill Competition, 9 Outstanding Organization Awards for Undergraduate Discipline Competition and 3 awards for Advanced Teaching Administration. The President Gong Huili and the Vice President Meng Fanhua issued certificates of honor to the teachers and groups.


Finally, Gong Huili delivered a speech to summarize it all. He spoke about High-level Talent Cross-cultivation, discipline reforms, teaching development and elevation of the practical ability of the students, concluding the past year’s education and teaching affairs. He also emphasized that talent cultivation was the root of university development and that raising its quality was the most important of all. Therefore, he raised requirements for all teachers and university administrators.