CNU Co-holds 2015 Pre-work Training With Qinghai Normal University for New Teachers2015-11-10

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On October 20, CNU co-held the opening ceremony of 2015 pre-working training with Qinghai Normal University for new teachers. Deputy Director of the Department of Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education, Cai Zhenjiang, the Member of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Li Yi, the Party Secretary of Qinghai Normal University, Zhang Yinsheng, and the Party Secretary of CNU, Zheng E were present at the ceremony, which was hosted by the Vice President Qiu Yunhua. 


The Party Secretary, Zheng E pointed that this pre-work training offered a learning opportunity for teachers and would serve as an exploration and trial for mutual beneficial exchanges. In addition, Zheng E raised three requirements for the new teachers. First, pay attention to teachers’ virtues and set moral examples for students. Second, fully contribute to the teaching enterprises and respect teaching. Third, indulge in the knowledge and work together for the career of and in teaching.  


This training was for 6 days, including experts’ lectures, seminars on teaching and comprehensive quality improvements. 105 teachers from the two universities participated in it. It was the first time that the CNU cooperated with a western normal university for a pre-work training program for new teachers.