“In Memory of the Red Mansion” Invited to the Beijing Traditional Music Festival2015-11-10

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On October 28, “In Memory of the Red Mansion”—the great concert suite of 1987’s television series A Dream in Red Mansions , was invited to the 7th Beijing Traditional Music Festival. About a thousand viewers enjoyed the performance.


The great concert suite, “In Memory of the Red Mansion”, has performed for 4 years. While it has showcased the charms of Chinese traditional art, the concert emphasizes on strengthening the communications and interactions between the Chinese traditional culture and the target audiences through music. The concert aims to guide the social values and elevate public aesthetic taste to attract more audiences. Shouldering the responsibility of promoting Chinese traditional culture, this performance demonstrated once again, the achievements that the College of Music has gained in discipline reform and talent cultivation in recent years.


The great concert suite, “In Memory of the Red Mansion” held three shows from November 4 to 6, targeting undergraduates, post-graduate students and teachers. The Party Secretary, Zheng E and the President, Gong Huili were present at the performance together with 800 teachers and students who enjoyed the show.