CNU Holds the First Debriefing of “Master’s Class—Educational Activity for Improving Overall Quality of Normal College Students”2015-10-15

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Recently, CNU has conducted “Master’s Class” and “Meet with Masters” educational activities, inviting some masters and experts to school for educating and instructing students. The purpose of the activity is to improvement of the overall quality of normal college students’ overall quality, broadening their horizons and sticking to the goal of cultivating “Four must haves” teachers. On October 13, the CNU held the first debriefing of “master’s class—educational activity for improving normal college students’ overall quality”. The former curator of the China Museum of Science and Technology and the current Director-General of Chinese Association of Natural Science, Li Xiangyi was invited and delivered a speech about “The Future Belongs to Those Who Have Brand New Minds”. His speech was about the new goal of the age of information and creativity, ideas and characteristics of popularization of modern science education, education reforms under the background of Mobile Internet and train oneself to be a person with brand new mind. 


Over 400 teachers and students were present at the meeting.