CNU Holds Inauguration Ceremony for Xinjiang Primary and Secondary School’s Ethnic Backbone Bilingual Teachers Training Class2015-10-16

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The CNU held the inauguration ceremony for Xinjiang primary and secondary school’s ethnic backbone bilingual teachers training class on October 13. Members of the Municipal Teaching Committee, Zhang Yongkai, Deputy Party Secretary of the CNU, Xu Zhihong and some other leaders from the Municipal Teaching Committee, the Xinjiang Ministry of Education and the Jingjiang College attended the ceremony. 104 ethnic trainees would enroll.


Zhang Yongkai mentioned three requirements to the university and trainees. First of all, the trainees should cherish this learning opportunity and strictly obey disciplinarys and university regulations to complete the learning task. Secondly, trainees should communicate more to strengthen the ethnic unity. Finally, he hoped that the CNU would keep the General Party Secretary, Xi Jinping’s instructions in mind to smoothly finish this training for teachers from Xinjiang with a hearty involvement.


Xu Zhihong basically introduced the CNU, the establishment and background of the Jingjiang College and the achievements of the CNH. He indicated that the CNU would further improve the talent cultivation mechanism to contribute towards Xinjiang through education. He urged the Jingjiang College to carry forward traditions to perform this training well. He also expressed his expectations from the trainees.