Class for Theoretical Education of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for Young Teachers Started2015-10-16

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On October 15, the Party Committee held a mobilization meeting of theoretical education class of socialism with Chinese characteristics for young teachers. The Party Secretary, Zheng E delivered a report in its first report meeting. More than 130 people, including young teachers from all colleges and departments, nonparty members and Party Committee Secretary of the branch of the Teachers’ association attended the meeting. Deputy Party Secretary, Xu Zhihong hosted the event.


Secretary Zheng E shared opinions about current ideological work. Her report was titled “Some Thoughts About Ideology”. She explained 4 aspects- why we should pay attention to ideological work, how Western countries process ideological work, what challenges we faced and how to go about ideological work in a better manner. She stated that the university should focus on ideological propaganda and the key to strengthen ideological base construction was to perform research, which was very vital.. It was better to educate with virtue and foster core values. The base consciousness should be strengthened and the management for ideological work should be such that it motivates teachers and students to have the same recognition on the development path, theory and system. She hoped that all teachers could practice the core socialist values to be teachers who have faith, virtue, knowledge and love (“Four must haves” for teachers).